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There has been a lot of news reports lately indicating this El Nino will be worse then the last one in 1997. (Which was a record setting event.) Here are some tips for your home, to help you get prepared.

1. Before the rain starts, check for leaks. Call your roofer to check for trouble. The recent dry heat may have caused your wood structure to shrink and open up expansion joints, possibly creating leaks.
2. Clean your gutters and downspouts, then clean them again. Replace them if they are damaged. Make sure they are tight against the roof line. Seal any holes from cables and other wires that penetrate the exterior wall. Make sure there is a safe path for the water to flow.
3. Be prepared for power outages, buy a generator.
4. If you have a sump pump, have your plumber service it. If you have below grade spaces i.e. basements, even a garage, install a sump pump.
5. Paint the exterior wood trim. Cracks in paint can promote dry rot and termite invasion.
6. How is the glazing around your windows? Check and recaulk as needed.
7. If you have a balcony or deck, make sure the water flows away from the walls and into a drainage system.
8. If you ever had an ant problem, now is a good time to call an exterminator. Before the wet weather brings the bugs into your home.
9. Store your emergency repair materials in a safe dry place. i.e. sand bags, tarps, heavy plastic sheeting
10. Buy Flood Insurance. 20% of the claims filed for flood damage comes from people who are not in a high-risk area. Flood is not covered under your home insurance, but it is fairly inexpensive.  There is a 30 day waiting period, so don’t delay.